April 9, 2018

After leaving Songwe, Msasa headed to the north of Tanzania to Mwanza. In Mwanza, Msasa held a meeting at which he explained the role of middlemen (pictured below) and how Farmster can help farmers sell their produce to the right buyers and make profits in order to hel...

April 2, 2018

Next up on Msasa's epic journey are Tukuyu and Songwe. Msasa has been busy training agents in Tukuyu on how farmers get offers from different buyers. Instead of them harvesting first and then finding a buyer, Farmster gives them the opportunity to connect with a buyer...

March 29, 2018

Mama Wawili has been selling bananas for more than 20 years in Kiwira. She is a mother of five, who's kids depend on her to to sell bananas to pay for school fees and other costs of living. She has started to stand beside the road and sell bananas to cars and trucks th...

March 19, 2018

First stops: Morogoro & Mtwara

After training in Morogoro, agents join forces with Farmster to help small scale farmers sell their produce.

After finishing training with ICEJ members of Morogoro, Msasa headed to Mtwara, where he m...

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