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Winners chosen by Israel Innovation Authority for "Etgar" Grant

The Grand Challenges Israel program, in partnership with Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation (MASHAV) and the National Economic Council of the Prime Minister’s Office, announced the winners of the competitive program.

The program supports R&D focused on the humanitarian food security, water and health challenges that exist in developing countries, with products that also have commercial potential in developed countries. Participation in this incentive program combines charitable acts and services with new business opportunities and the chance to solve global challenges.

Winners receive up to 500,000 NIS from the authority to invest in their R&D and pilot their technologies in emerging markets to solve development challenges and further establish proof of concept.

And the winners are (drumroll please)...

Food Security

Farmster - A digital matchmaking platform between smallholder farmers and buyers that works over SMS Chatbot and a Mobile App - creating market linkages for farmers without internet access.

OKO - A startup developing automated drought insurance to bring income security to smallholder farmers in emerging countries, leveraging mobile phone penetration.

Amaizz - An agritech company developing innovative products that drastically minimize losses caused by spoilage and degradation throughout the handling, storage and processing stages


Senecio Robotics - A health startup developing AI technology to automate the production and release of sterile mosquitoes, to reduce mosquito population


Soapy - A startup that has developed a Hygiene Micro-Station, powered by IoT, providing an accurate dose of soap & water. Soapy turns hand-washing into digital data and saves up to 95% of water consumption.

Congratulations to all teams selected, and we look forward to keeping track of your progress over the next 12 months!

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