Why farmers and buyers need to move into the digital world

    January 1, 2017

    As seen in the video, Mrs. Chivero and Sam face very real challenges. Mrs. C has no way of knowing what will happen when she arrives at the market with her greens. Sam knows, more or less, what he wants to buy and what he wants to pay for it, but he doesn't know how much will be available (if any) on any given day. 


    This is the same fundamental story for the world's 500 million small-scale farmers across Africa, Asia, Central / South America and other economies where the agricultural sector is largely 'informal'. 


    My time in Zimbabwe from 2014 until now, first as a trainer at the Ebenezer Agricultural Training Center for small-scale farmers in Matabeleland, and later as a recipient of a Gates' Foundation Grand Challenges grant for 'Farm Buddy' with Foundations for Farming, has shown me how real these challenges are. 


    But this is 2017, and most farmers even in the remotest parts of the globe have access to the world outside at the touch of a button: a simple mobile phone.


    That's where FarmZee begins. Hope you can join us on this journey as we develop together with Mrs. Chivero and the millions of others in her shoes a way forward. 


    To design efficiency into an inefficient system.




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