Nairobi here we come

March 6, 2017

I've been busy preparing for Nairobi Innovation Week coming up on Wednesday where I will be sharing about FarmZee with other tech innovators in Africa. 


It came as a surprise when the Israeli Embassy of Kenya invited me a few weeks ago, but I am happy to attend and network with 4,000+ expected attendees. There will be 5 other Israeli startups there, as Israel is focusing more and more on connecting with Africa on a diplomatic front. The President of Zambia just visited Netanyahu and other government leaders last week - a very welcome development.


Jeff and Msasa, FarmZee's feet on the ground in Zimbabwe and Tanzania, will also be joining, and it will be a great time for us to share notes together in person. 


In preparation, we have put together all of our notes on progress so far and I have published the first version of the FarmZee app on Google Play. 


I'll try to keep updates coming from Nairobi. Leaving tomorrow night! 





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