Epic Journey, Part 1

    March 19, 2018

    First stops: Morogoro & Mtwara


    After training in Morogoro, agents join forces with Farmster to help small scale farmers sell their produce.


    After finishing training with ICEJ members of Morogoro, Msasa headed to Mtwara, where he met with many people including farmers, village agronomists, the village executive office, ward executive officer and others. In Mtwara, Msasa led two successful trainings: one in the morning for members of the Mtwara community and one in the evening for members of the Msasi community. In each meeting, community attendees came from five villages in the area, and were very excited to hear about Farmster and how Farmster can help their communities sell their produce.


    Pictured below, Msasa stands with agents from villages who help farmers sell their produce instead of middlemen. These agents help disrupt the value chain and serve as a new model for how crops are bought and sold. 

     Msasa also spent some time training marketing agents at local markets, and worked to identify a community member who will train  buyers. The team is very excited about what this epic journey means  for the future of Farmster. Community outreach, awareness and trainings will serve to increase the scope and reach of the Farmster app, changing the way crops are bought and sold throughout communities in Tanzania. 

    Stay tuned for updates from Msasa's next stop in Mbeya!



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