Epic Journey, Part 2

    April 2, 2018


    Next up on Msasa's epic journey are Tukuyu and Songwe. Msasa has been busy training agents in Tukuyu on how farmers get offers from different buyers. Instead of them harvesting first and then finding a buyer, Farmster gives them the opportunity to connect with a buyer before their crops leave the ground. 


    At a successful meeting in Tukuyu, Msasa was able to train agents representing seven different villages, and who have connections to over 2,000 farmers growing avocados, bananas, maize and sugarcane. With the current system, market day in Tukuyu means farmers carrying twenty bunches of bananas on their head to the market, where they sell their bananas for three to five dollars a bundle, while buyers sell them in town for twelve to twenty dollars a bundle, leaving farmers at a deficit for what their bananas are worth versus what they actually receive for them.


    Above:  Attendees of the meeting in Songwe 



    After hearing stories from community members such as Mama Wawili, Msasa headed to Songwe, where eighty-five people from over sixteen villages were trained.


    Farmers in both Tukuyu and Songwe were very excited about the prospect of using Farmster to get buyers for their produce as soon as they start harvesting. 




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